Working Copy of Sphirewall or Open Edgewize



To my knowledge and as you have previously stated on numerous occasions, you are now unable to support Open Edgewize (the free version) as you are plagued by work given your new enterprise. On the other hand some of us are not even in a 1st World Country with reasonable credit facilities but still loved the software.

Rather than argue with you and go through your website (your website is entirely broken, it doesn’t work at all) I have just decided to request that you at least post a working version of Sphirewall or Open Edgewize and I and many others just sort ourselves out rather than provide a broken version that becomes more broken when it automatically updates. I understand you worked hard and would like to reap the rewards of your efforts through forcing people to either pay or get lost but on the other hand some of us don’t even have a working bank system to pay you said money.

At least for some of us, who have used your software, reported bugs, thanked you and would reward you provided we lived in the same country, do provide us with a last working iso of your software and tell us it is what it is and don’t update.


Hi, Thanks for your post.

A while ago we decided to go down the route of being a cloud managed firewall, this was not purely from a commercialisation perspective but also from what we can offer in functionality by being cloud managed. With this decision there is no lockout for existing users and future users, you are free to download our ISO, install it on your hardware, connect to the management platform and use the firewall. I would encourage you to do this, not only will you get access to the product but you will also get weekly updates, our signatures and cloud based management.

Feel free to email me directly, I would be more than happy to assist getting this setup and would like to hear more about your use case and situation.