WMI integration sometimes fails


It appears that Linewize completely stops capturing Microsoft AD signons after two or three weeks of reliable operation. Power-cycling the box (as we did around 8.10am this morning) seems to fix things.

Are there some parameters somewhere we can tweak?

Thank you


If you have a look at the WMI integration page when this issue occurs, does it show “Error:” Above each DC configured?



Hi Chris,
Just looking into why Facebook has stopped working again and came across this thread. Both my DCs have status of Error above them. I’ve clicked on Save Settings and now events are being processed - says it may take several minute. I’ll check back in a few minutes.

Just checked and both DCs are in Error status again. Still can’t access Facebook.


Ahh right, that Error is usually indicative of a memory leak in the WMI event checking.
@mshindo has been working on a fix for this, however for now you will just have to restart the device sorry.

There should be a post on here in the release notes when it’s fixed.



Hi Chris,
Is there a way to reboot the device from the web portal?


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Thank you Chris, yes, finally i can confirm we have “Error” for both DCs on the WMI integration page. Looking forward to testing your fix, @mshindo!


Hi Chris,

In my case, WMI integration doesn’t appear to be working and the status for each WMI device completely blank. Does anyone have any suggestions as to whether a reboot of the Linewize device is required or if there is another workaround to get this working again?