When making filter rule changes, is it worth an 'apply changes' button rather than do it immediately?


When I’m enabling & disabling multiple rules in one go, since Cloud makes the changes immediately I either have to wait for each tick/untick to be processed, or do them all and take my chances that all of them get processed. (50/50 chance here). If I could make all the changes I want in Cloud and then use an ‘Apply’ button to tell Cloud it’s allowed to pass the changes on to the device I think that would help in this instance. Food for thought, anyway.


Can definitely see the benefit for people that have a large number of rules that they enable and disable regularly.

I don’t think there are many people that are like this unfortunately. However if there are others out there who are keen on this idea they’ll jump in on this and show their support. Then we can look at whether it’s something to implement if there’s enough interest.

Cheers for the input.


I’ll give this a +1


Yes please!

Another plus 1 from me.