VPN Providers Missing


Hotspot shield and dotvpn

Export list ability for Rules/VPN block Rule Sharing forum

anonymousvpn.org Delete
apache-iv.com Delete
bettervpn.com Delete
bittorrent.com Delete
bugattivpn.com Delete
cd-n.net Delete
cn-proxy.com Delete
freemybrowser.com Delete
justproxy.io Delete
katproxy.is Delete
linkvpn.org Delete
ninjaproxy.ninja Delete
nolimitvpn.com Delete
nordvpn.com Delete
omegle.com Delete
postls.com Delete
proxybay.tv Delete
proxysf.net Delete
proxysite.com Delete
rocketvpnapp.com Delete
seedr.cc Delete
thetop10bestvpn.com Delete
thevpn.guru Delete
thevpnclub.com Delete
top10vpn.co Delete
torrentino.com Delete
utorrent.com Delete
vpnflat.com Delete
vpngate2.jp Delete
vpnmagfrance.com Delete
vpnme.me Delete
vpnunlimitedapp.com Delete
yify-torrent.org Delete
yikyak.com Delete
yxdown.cn Delete
zenguard.org Delete
zenmate.com Delete


These have all been added. Hotspot Shield and DotVPN required DPI signatures.

Devices will pull the new signatures within 24 hours.


have tested these and they are still working :worried:


please add

bittorrent.com and utorrent.com are both incorrectly categorised

and proxy.org which lists 922 proxys and updates
can we have that list scraped please