VPN not working plus multi user profiles


Just because this forum is a little dead…

VPN access, I got this setup with the help of Michael last year, though i could only get a chromebook to work with it. could not get any Windows machine to connect to it. This was using the built in Windows VPN client.

Further to this, it would be good to be able to make multiple VPN profiles as we need external users who maintain different systems to be able to access the network remotely but only parts of the network. i.e. Phone system (specific vlan), financials (RDS to a single server), maintenance systems (vlan/specific IPs).
Some specific logging and being able to send email alerts when these vpn profiles are being used/accessed would be good to.


I can test the VPN with a Windows client for you today Simon.

As for the VPN profiles, I like the idea. It’s something I can add to the dev queue for consideration.
In the mean time a work around could be to create firewalls to give the same effect.

An example being that maybe you need users in a group of VPN-Phones to access the phone systems on VLAN 10.

You could create an allow rule like so:

You could then create a block rule to prevent users in the group from accessing any other networks via the VPN. Let me know if that’s not quite what you’re after. Happy to give you a hand getting these rules set up if required.



Hmm, ok, that could work using firewall rules instead.

Remember our convo about the firewall rules and kind of messy and hard to find things in there is?

Let me know if you manage to get connected.