User not being prompted by captive portal


I have set up a new student wireless network in the UniFi console on the same VLAN as the current student network which uses WPA personal instead of the current wireless network which uses WPA enterprise in order to bypass the Radius Server. However in doing this, the new wireless network allows a user to access the Internet, including sites which have been blocked in Linewize without prompting for a username and password in the captive portal. If I were to go to “” and check who I was authenticated as I receive a message “We were not able to identify you on the network”. If I click on the link to go to the captive portal and enter in my user credentials, then I am recognised in “” and I am blocked from the sites which have been configured etc.

If I were to change this wireless network to the guest VLAN, it works as expected and the captive portal prompts the user to log in prior to allowing the user to access external websites as well as Linewize correctly blocking sites which have been configured.

With the only setting changed being the VLAN number, I can’t understand why this does not work in the student VLAN but it does in the guest VLAN.


I suspect the new SSID is tunneling the traffic for some reason.

Give us a bell when you have some free time and we can look into it for you.