Hi All,
Tonight are pushing out a release that includes the following features, bugfixes and improvements.


  • Login/Logout timeline in user and host reporting summaries.
  • Syslog authentication event listener.
  • Permanent association exceptions.


  • Extended DPI signature for OpenVPN
  • Extended DPI signature for RDP
  • Extended DPI signature for Bittorrent
  • Extended DPI signature for SSH
  • Several other minor signature enhancements and additions. This includes Pokemon go and a few others.
  • Dropdown boxes are ordered alphabetically.
  • GeoIP database has been updated.
  • All connections are now GeoIP tagged now.


  • Sites with multiple DHCP servers with active leases on restart loose partial configuration.
  • Datepicker component custom range is not displayed properly.
  • Links in User summary for application types are not active.
  • When viewing a user summary over a period greater than 1 month the graph does not render.
  • Cannot remove a captive portal page logo from the configuration.
  • File descriptor leak in the ping utility results in occasional crashes on devices with questionable internet stability.