Regex filtering for Classwize "Exclude Groups without Prefix" field


Hi team,

As discussed previously with Michael, I need to be able to filter which AD groups are pulled into Classwize.
I need more flexibility that just excluding certain groups based on a Prefix.
A regex filter would be perfect.



I too would really like to be able to have more than one prefix allowed.
Don’t really mind how this is done, but for us we want groups that start with ‘subject’ and groups that start with ‘tutor’


Any idea what sort of timeframe we are looking at to get this? When I last spoke to Michael he said soon, but our teachers are crying out for this, as at the moment only option subjects come up, rather than the core ‘tutor’ classes.


Hey Guys,

I know you two are both aware this is available now but I figured i’d better just drop a note to say this is doable now.
Just in case anyone comes along with a similar question.