Please block betternet


Can we have a signature for betternet.


I believe the Betternet VPN application is already blocked under the VPN category.
Do you need a signature specifically for Betternet VPN?

I do note that is in “Internet and Telecom > Software and Tech” - perhaps you want this changed too?



When Michael visited a few weeks ago, he noticed traffic in our Surfwize
logs to/from nameless IPs that he thought might be betternet, even though
the application is blocked. So, yes, i think we were hoping for a

Here are some of the IPs that are in our top 50 this week:



Appreciate the input @Ray_Nickson.
This should be released in the next release of signatures! :slight_smile:


betternet still seems to be getting thru here, Is there any update on blocking vpns generally, can we piggyback off someones current list, we need the best vpn lists known to man updated everyday and am prepared to pay for it if necessary. really missing this feature since changing to linewize.