Minor Release


Hi All,
We had a minor release last night which rolled over into today for some devices.


  • Fixed an issue whereas sphirewalld would run out of file descriptors if certain error conditions in the gateway monitoring were hit frequently. This was resulting in watchdog restarts for a few devices with varying gateway latency.
  • Fixed an encoding issue that was resulting in Google Syncs not completing on a couple of devices.
  • Fixed an issue with Classwize policies that resulted in time being displayed incorrectly due to a UTC conversion error. (Note, this was deployed as a critical bugfix a few days ago)
  • Fixed a internal issue that was prematurely closing cloud management connections.
  • Added a check to /sbin/init that prevents “init” from being relaunched by a console user running something like “init 6” accidentally.

Features and Improvements

  • Surfwize Users can generate custom reports inside Surfwize.
  • Extended the built in DHCP server to persist leases across reboots. This will prevent conflicts on some networks using out DHCP server across reboots and updates.
  • Changed DHCP server so that it accepts leases that are untracked but free on DHCPREQUEST. DHCPDISCOVER is not a prerequisite.
  • Guest user account expiries can now be modified after creation.
  • Guest user accounts have a description field.
  • Added a graph to the events page in Edgewize that shows event distribution over time.
  • Extended the events page in Edgewize to allow easy filtering based on dynamic event types that are on the device.