Minor release


Hi All,
A minor release tonight.


  • Introduced a day by day breakdown of filtering hits under Surfwize. This also dramatically speeds up browsing of individual hits over long time frames.
  • Added a description field for Guest users
  • Introduced a signature and policy website search facility. This allows users to search for websites and find out how they are classified in basic signatures.

Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug whereas selecting Exempt Users was not possible inside Classwize.
  • Adjusted policy activation in Classwize to be more intuitive and changed “Start/Stop” icons to be buttons.
  • Adjusted noise logic in Classwize so that the last 30 minute breakdown is more relevant and shows data amounts as well as last seen time.
  • Internet connection watchdog timeout has been increased to 5 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue with udev failing to initialise properly 2% of the time during reboots/updates before sphireos-initd mounts the /configuration and /var/logs filesystem.
  • Archived logfiles are pushed automatically to the cloud.
  • Introduced upload and download rate monitoring on individual interfaces.
  • Fixed a memory corruption/locking issue in the configuration manager.
  • Classwize rules are hidden by default in the cloud interface.
  • Several minor interface changes to improve readability.