Minor release


Hi All,
Small release tonight that improves the capabilities of Classwize.

  • Time periods that are configured inside the Cloud Interface can be used as schedules for Classwize Policies. This means that an administrator could enter the school period timetable into the Cloud Interface and then teachers can use these periods to schedule policies in Classwize. This should solve the concern of policies rolling over into other classes and also reduce teacher overheads.

  • Some responsive work making Classwize scale nicely on smaller devices.

Some documentation and videos will be made available soon for Classwize.


Classwize rule "end time" option

Have made the schedules for periods 1-5 and they are selectable from the list when setting a classwize rule thanks.possibly a bit hidden at the bottom of list

can you confirm that if a teacher wanted to block all internet in their class daily except for brief custom periods during a year (mathematics for example doesn’t need internet access) that they could just leave the policies active and because they now have start and end times they would just occur automatically. This means the teacher doesn’t have to go in each period and disable anything. Basically all their classes default to blocked rather than open.

We are finding that students assume BYOD means you have your devices connect automatically but teachers are realizing that most would rather the internet was default off and they can manage it when needed may be a better option. it would save a lot of time on their part managing the blocking.


Hi @kwhelan, here is a suggestion, create 2 filtering rules 1, block all traffic in that network just above that allow linewize traffic optional for portal login. Policies created in classwize can override schoolwide policy for that network. That way blocked by default and access is granted at the teachers discretion. Trying this in a few hours hopefully it will work.


Thanks but wouldn’t that would disable internet for all until a teacher created a ruleset. I see your thinking but Thats probably a bit too harsh for our requirements. I want to be able to have some teachers default open and some default off which your idea also achieves . In our situation their will be less teachers wanting a complete block than not so as long as I can confirm that blocking on a schedule will work I think it will be easier and require less rules to setup for us. Other schools may prefer your suggestion though


the current version, classwize rules affects users and it is global it doesn’t matter which network you are on which is a good thing i guess.

You can have disable all traffic for specific groups in a particular network and apply a schedule to that rule but that will require a couple of rules for different groups that you created for classwize depending on their requirements. Just a thought.