Minor release


Hi Everyone,
Tonight we have pushed out a minor Cloud and Appliance release that includes the following changes/improvements:

Bugfixes and Backend Improvements

  • Performance optimised our DNS DPI inspector. This fixes an issue with DNS servers and clients spamming DNS forwarders and this having a negative impact on our appliance
  • Performance improvements in Classwize. Response times are less than 2 seconds now.

Features and Improvements

  • Users authenticated via a Domain controller or NPS server cannot logout using the autologout.linewize.net url. This prevents users from de-authing themselves in an environment that is not using a fallback captive portal
  • Classwize now supports basic reusable classroom policies. This allows teachers to create policy templates for their classroom and enable/disable them for a period of time.
  • Classwize policies can be enabled up until an absolute time.
  • Classwize now supports blocking an individual website or application.
  • Filtered websites can be previewed inside the Surfwize and Classwize interfaces. This makes it easy to identify what a website is without having to visit it on the school network.
  • First and last names are pulled from Active Directory on sync and login.
  • An hourly breakdown of Application Types/Websites is now available.

Classwize Policy Screenshots

All devices in the stable branch and enabled for automatic updates will update themselves overnight.

Classwize rule "end time" option