Minor release -


Today we have pushed out a minor release of the Cloud Management interface and SphireOS. This includes some changes to policy and rule editing, a couple of optimisations in Sphirewalld and some minor cleanup work in the interface.

Release Notes

  • Groups that are from an unknown provider are marked as archived. This will effectively ensure that deleted groups are automatically archived in Linewize.
  • Added phone numbers and email address to the Support window. This includes several local numbers in New Zealand an our international numbers.
  • Webfiltering policies, QOS rules, Layer 2-4 rules, Captive Portal Exceptions and Safesearch rules are now edited using a new modal window. This is a cleaner method of editing and reduces loss of context.
  • Renaming of a couple of sections in Surfwize to better accomodate our users that are unfamiliar with the interface.
  • Connection metadata is compressed before being pushed to the cloud services. This will reduce latency and prevent timeouts for international users.

Some screenshots of the new editor

Next up
We are currently working on some new reporting capabilities that will allow you to better gauge usage of various applications over small periods.

The Linewize Team


Nice work Michael and team… And good job launching the forums! Great idea :slight_smile: