Manually adding permanently associated hosts for user


I have a staff user who has to log in to the Linewize captive portal each day on their mobile phone as there is no permanent association set up for the device. Once she has entered in her username and password for the captive portal and presses the enter key on her phone keypad, the phone closes the captive portal page and does not give her the opportunity to associate this device, so she has to go through the same steps each day.

Under “Configuration”, there is an option to view the associated hosts of a user. However, if I enter the MAC address of the device and click “Create Association” when I check the “Associated Hosts”, that device does not show up in the list. There is a blank area which is above one of the other associations with an “X” on the right-side of the window, but when clicking the “X” it doesn’t remove the blank host.

From the “Live Users” menu, I have also tried to click on the “+” under the “Permanent” menu and although I see a box which indicates a new persisted user session has been created, it still does not show the device having a permanent association.

Is it possible I am not doing this correctly or is there another way I can add this mobile phone as a permanent association for this user?