Manual Permanent association


After manually associating a host to a user, activity for that user sky rocketed from less than a gig to 45gigs in less than 15 min, suspended access for that user account only to realize that everyone was denied access to internet.

Don’t know if its a bug in the system or i did something wrong somewhere. Thought are appreciated.


Did you mistakenly associate with the core switch or Internet router MAC address instead of the user’s device MAC?
What is your network topology?


oh yea, all hosts are appearing with the device MAC address, how can i change that. Thanks.


You have the Linewize as a bridge @puso.mbupe, correct?

If you have anything before the Linewize doing routing then this will cause the single MAC address.
My guess is that it’s a layer 3 switch or a firewall that is routing some VLANs.
This issue can be resolved by terminating the VLANS after the Linewize rather than before. If they are terminated after us, you will need to add the VLANs as bridges as well to ensure you can see all the traffic.


correct, Yes Chris, when we were setting it up we created those vlan bridges but it was not ideal for our network setup and we decided to put it after our layer 3 switch. That was my guess also. Thanks Chris.

Guess we can live without permanent associations in this case.