Major Release -


Hi All,
This weekend we are releasing a chunk of features and bugfixes.
You can track the status of this release on

Below are the release notes, please note some of the features listed below have already been released.

Customer Facing Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue with UWSGI processes dying and resulting in internal server errors.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents creation of deviceids in the cloud interface with “.” characters.
  • Fixed an issue with integrating with OpenLDAP that was affecting some smartnet schools.
  • When editing webfiltering policies fixed a bug that results in the the policy being disabled by default.
  • Fixed a memory leak in our firmware that was resulting in some devices restarting frequently.
  • Update required/available notification in the cloud is now accurately reflective.
  • Fixed issue with deletion, modification and printing of guest accounts.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying null values in datatables throughout the cloud interface.
  • The timezone on the daily digest emails is set correctly based on the cloud configured device timezone.
  • The time on the daily digest emails is no longer truncated and contains the absolute time.
  • Fixed an issue with PDF reports not working in IE and Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue in Classwize that mean user specific rules were still being shown after they had expired.
  • Fixed an issue with Permanent association creation from the Live Users view in Surfwize.
  • Fixed an issue with Archived users showing in Classwize views.


  • Users can login to the cloud interface with their Google credentials.
  • All configuration with the exception of the base networking/routing configuration is now stored in the cloud and pulled down on boot and change.
  • All configuration changes are audited, logged and can be rolled back from the cloud interface without requiring a device restart.
  • Directory syncing with LDAP, Google, AzureAD can be disabled while still allowing logins and credential validation. This allows schools to run several authentication services without running into conflicts.
  • Restarts/Upgrades/Disconnects alarms are now visible in the cloud interface and administrators can subscribe to them via email.
  • The daily digest now excludes filtering hits from unauthenticated devices.
  • Password reset capability.
  • Account signup requires a contact phone number that is used for account recovery and suspicious activity that requires 2-factor authentication .
  • Administrator accounts and devices can be tied to a MSP facilitating easy login and management of multiple devices.
  • Introduced new classification engine utilising brightcloud for malware detection and broad classification of websites with emphasis on VPNs and Adult content.
  • Users can navigate between regions in Classwize and the cloud interface.
  • Classwize can be accessed from outside the school network.
  • Improved the SphireOS init system so that boot status is shown in a clean fashion.
  • Users accessing SphireOS via the console are not required to enter a password and get dropped directly into the SphireOS cli.
  • Administrators can see a login audit trail of their own logins and attempts from the cloud interface.
  • Administrators logging in from suspicious locations are required to validate their identify via 2-factor authentication. If 2-factor authentication is not available their account will be locked and they will have to contact the service desk to get it unlocked.

At the start of the NZ school term we released a major change to the way we maintain configuration. This resulted in several issues that were resolved rapidly and so have not been included in the release notes above. The Linewize team would like to apologize for inconveniences caused by these changes and we realise they caused a great deal of frustration for many customers.

To improve our communication with customers we have created a status page which along with release notifications in the forums with include all major outages and releases.

If you have any questions about any of the features detailed here please contact our support team via or post in the forums.