Install on custom hardware


Hi Team,
I have acquired Netgate DIY kit. I have a memory card in it on which I want to install linewize firewall for a home solution.

I have downloaded ISO and created a bootable USB drive using RUFUS.
It has been created successfully.

I have inserted USB in usb port and started the device. My impression is that it will install automatically. I can see that on my DHCP server that it gets an IP lease but I am not able to connect to it on port 5001. I am able to ping it. The ethernet is connected to eth0. I have tried other ethernet ports too and it gets an IP from DHCP however no success in connecting it.

What I am doing wrong here? How would I know if it has been installed? If it is getting an IP from DHCP server it does mean there is OS (linewise) installed on it however I am not able to access it.

Please advise. Scott Noakes advise me to get this hardware.


Hi Fqureshi,

Haven’t heard from you in awhile via email. Everything going alright with this?

Looking forward to hearing back from you and getting the ball rolling.