Guests tokens.. "Description" and "Expiry Date"


Would be great to be able to add a note to each guest token as necessary…
eg “Visitor from MoE active until Dec 2016”, “Student teacher in Food Tech dept”, etc
Currently I am throwing these on the end of the surname field - not ideal.

Also, would be nice to be able to specify an expiry date as well as/instead of a duration after first login.



Added to backlog. Probably not a high priority though :wink:


@mshindo in addition can we have check boxes to delete multiple tokens at once, created 70 tokens for an event and it is going to be a nightmare deleting them one by one and the page refreshes after each delete


here here, all the page refreshes are a pain alright, I tried to delete one users 3 associated devices,each delete kicks you right out and you have to re search to find the 2nd entry again.


Hi Michael @mshindo

Thanks for adding the description field option.

However, it would be more useful if the contents of this field were displayed as a column on the “Guests” page.
It would be best if we could see this for all guest accounts on one page… but perhaps if you are worried about cramping the layout, you could add a clickable button to reveal the description per user?



@puso.mbupe May I suggest you open a new forum topic for this feature request? It would make things easier to track :smile: