Display Current Signatures


A page to display all the category/applications that are available to be blocked/allowed and change log with items added to the lists, as well as a submit form for new items to be added.


I second this, with the ability to search for an item and have it show what category its in.


agreed, with the ability to add items to categories from the reports/ContentApps page
it is complicated to manually have to go to the filtering rules and manually add items to a blocked list and save that each day because they aren’t categorized eg: steamcontent.com, nhl.com


Absolutely, a few people have been asking for this. It would also help our support guys as well. I’ll add it to our backlog.


Hmm thinking about this we might also be able to extend it so that it shows you policies that are using those websites/signatures as well.


Hi Michael, you know I am well keen for these kinda features… just adding my +1 here :slight_smile:

Simon is on the right track - can we have a feature that allows us to chuck a URL your system and get a response as to how it would be classified/under which signature etc?



Just some feedback on this one, one of our engineers is working on this at the moment. Granted the solution works it will be available in the next release.