Daily data caps


Hi there, it would be useful if we could set daily data limits for users. We have N4L (yup unlimited data) but we also have a boarding facility and night classes. Setting a data limit would both discourage constant device use, huge downloads and constant online game time freeing up bandwidth and WiFi competition. It would also discourage night class BYOD users from using our network to download and update their own devices. Cheers.


This would be a great feature to control what students are doing even if they were using vpn’s to get around firewall


Would just group based quotas work? This alone should be fairly straight forward. Implementing them like firewall rules with misc variable criteria/selectors is a bit tricky because the data is all stored cloudside but the filtering evaluation is done on the appliances. That being said, that’s just an implementation issue :wink:


Applying a quota to a group would be brilliant if the quota is applied to the individuals in the group. If it was a collective group quota it would be first come first served.


That would be the idea. You would add a quota for a group and then users under that group would have the quota imposed individually.


Brilliant. That would work for a whole number of scenarios. Cheers.


+1 on this. :slight_smile:


+1 is there any sort of roadmap of features and requests
can we see that some ideas are under development or planning