Classwize rule "end time" option


Hey Michael,

As discussed on Tuesday, could an “end time” for Classwize rules be implemented?
i.e: instead of specifying a duration for the rule to be active, could we set a time (eg: 1405) that the rule will deactivate?



Hi Andy,
Yep, not forgotten.



the option to be able to load your schools weekly timetable would be helpful so that the class list is applied to a preset timetable.I guess were talking tying classwize into the SMS system live or failing that importing a copy of the timetable.The timetable is easily exportable from SMS.
The teacher going into classwize would see the class that corresponds to their timetable without having to select it from a drop down the the restrictions would reset at the end of each period. The ability for being able to manually override and change class would still be required.


Hi Andy/Kevin.
We have just released the end time for policies inside Classwize.

See the release notes:

Tying in class schedules is a bit more complicated. Ideally we don’t want to be the gatekeepers of this type of information and since Kamar does not have a nice API it makes it a nightmare to get this information automatically. Importing it via CSV is a management nightmare for users like yourself so I am very hesitant to investigate that route. I might try and get in touch with Kamar again and see what options are available though.



The last release should help overcome the period issues. See Minor release


The periods feature is an excellent addition, but can we please have the option to order the list? At the moment teachers are seeing a list that looks like this:

I think it’s a little confusing, and I can’t see any reason they have been put in the order that they have been. I did not create them in that order, they were just entered onto the list in that order for no apparent reason.


Yep, we have ordering issues in a few places with that component. They are actually ordered naturally by an arbitrary id which is generated randomly when you create the period. We can probably just order everything alphanumerically by default.

Will stick it in our backlog.