ClassWize Filter Viewer


Hello Team,

Is there a way view classwize filters? Our teachers are some how blocking sites for the whole site because they dont know how to use it properly yet and it is becoming a huge pain as we can not tell who has put what policies in place.

If there is no feature for this, please please please add this in!

Even a Delete All ClassWize Policies button would be great in the mean time.



Totally agree…

Classwize is an excellent tool when used properly, but the potential for misconfiguration through user error is quite high… the results of which can be frustratingly difficult to diagnose/resolve.

I am going to attempt to visit as many of my teachers as possible to see how they are (mis)using the tool and then try to document all of the various cases where we need greater simplicity (for teachers) and greater visibility (for network admins).

As for John’s “delete all classwize rules” button, perhaps a less nuclear approach could be a toggle switch to enable/disable all classwize rules?

Also, as has been requested elsewhere, multi-select tick boxes when in list views would allow for bulk actions to be performed and would make life so much easier!

Looking forward to seeing what Michael has in mind for addressing these issues! :slight_smile:


We had a very similar problem yesterday… a kid couldn’t do any work in my class because the last teacher had blocked him from all of the internet!
Maybe even being able to set the maximum time for a classwize filter for our site would be ideal… that way even if a teacher does mess it up, it’s only a problem for the next hour.


Yes Jake, I agree…

I just had a teacher create a rule for 1 day… this broke things!

I can’t foresee a reason why a teacher (who takes a class for a maximum of 1 hour) needs to be able to create rules that are active for longer than 1 hour.
The only staff that should have the ability to do long term rules are School Senior Management, Deans, IT Support and maybe Guidance dept.
If some facility could be added to classwize to allow us define who these power users are that would be great… in the meantime, can we please have a way to limit classwize rules to a maximum of 1 hour?



If I recall correctly a couple months ago we constantly had people asking for longer classwize rules, even now we still have people asking to be able to apply longer rules haha, make up your minds guys!

I agree that a 1 hour time seems more logical for teachers. I think what might work better is perhaps something that allows you to set in the cloud how long the available options are in classwize. Then schools could pick a time that suits them.

Most of you are probbably aware of how spread out information on classwize rule specifics are at present. Unfortunately due to the criteria applied to classwize rules there is not really an easy way to represent what the rules will affect. YET.

Michael is definitely aware that this is frustrating and it won’t be this way forever.
For any issues you have trying to find out whether a classwize rule is effecting something just give me a shout and i’ll do my best to help figure out what’s going on.


How about setting time instead of duration. That way mid class you can set anything in classwize and you know what time your class ends.


@puso.mbupe as in instead of picking a duration like 30 minutes or an hour to something like 10:00am or 2:00pm?


exactly, and at midnight the system resets the timings.


This can already be configured, when going to activate a classwize rule. Instead of selecting a duration you can select custom time.

This will allow a time such as 10:00am etc for the rule to expire.



sweet, will try out classwize come January.


Stoked to see the improvements that have been made in this area… both with more visibility of Classwize rules in the Admin console and the ability to masquerade as a teacher so you can see exactly what they are trying to do with Classwize.

Well done team!


Nice to see the changes are appreciated.

Keep your ideas coming in and we’ll see what else we can improve for you all!