Adding Website/App Exceptions to Filtering Rules


What I would like to see developed for Surfwize, is the ability to create an ALLOW or DENY rule with exceptions, much like Classwize… For example: I want to create a rule to DENY Internet Access, but the rule includes an exception field for adding “allowed” websites/apps so that the Internet is blocked, APART from certain websites we would like to remain open (Google, Hapara, etc)… Just like Classwize, but a rule that isn’t constrained by time (gives us the ability to block most of the Internet with permanence for certain users)… Is this doable, or is there another way to achieve the same outcome (already available) within the Filtering rules???


You should be able to get the same result by adding a deny all rule at the bottom of the webfilter list.
(be careful not to enable it before allowing Linewize)
Then you can just create allow rules for apps and sites etc on top? Or is that not quite what you’re asking for?


Hi Chris,

Yes, I think your idea will work. I will give it a go.

Thanks very much,

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